Ellen Shapiro, Mentor, Teacher, Coach/Practitioner

With the awakening and resurgence of the Divine Feminine, it's clear that NOW is the time for women to thrive and prosper way beyond what they have experienced in the past. The gifts of women who are fulfilled in their feminine essence in love and work are vitally needed in the world.

Ellen is passionate about helping women heal and grow, bring their unique spark of the Divine into expression, and step into greater confidence, success and joy. Having worked in the corporate world in high pressure conservative environments, she encouages her clients to define success and prosperity for themselves and let go of masculine models of success that don't work for them for saner, happier, healthier businesses and careers. Ellen 's work helps women express their originality and their radiance and to feel supported in all ways--financially, in their businesses, relationships and communities.

For over 20 years, Ellen's been guiding, supporting and coaching women to create more prosperity, happiness, fulfilling work and relationships. Her work is called Accelerated Belief Clearing and it brings together multiple systems and training including Resonance Repatterning®, Soul Clearing and Ancestral Alchemy.

She brings a wealth of training and experience in counseling, coaching and energy healing--as well as a background in finance and marketing--to her work with women. Ellen is a Reiki Master, teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence, and certified in numerous healing systems. She's a lifelong learner and committed to ongoing professional and personal development.

Ellen's compassion, wisdom and clarity come also from her own personal journey of healing and spiritual growth over 30 years, including a career change, a relocation from NYC to Santa Fe, healing from depression, several relationship transitions and deep personal losses. She walks her talk and her teachings come from life experience as well as her training. She brings a solid grounding in business and finance from 20+ years in the world of corporate accounting and her extensive studies of marketing and small business success since 2005. .


MBA, CPA, BA Psychology, involved professionally in the healing arts since 1987 and in full time practice since 1999.

  • Teacher, Art of Feminine Presence (2011).
  • Resonance Repatterning®: Certified Practitioner, member of the Resonance Repatterning Association (1999). (formerly called Holographic Repatterning)
  • Sedona Method Coach & Facilitator Level 1. Coaching with the Sedona method for emotional freedom (2004).
  • Soul Clearing/Therapeutic Kinesiology with Sibylle Preuschat/Sue Pelechaty
  • Peak Potentials Certified Trainer (2005)
  • Polarity Therapy: Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP); 
  • Gestalt: Certified in Compassionate Body-Oriented Gestalt therapy (1997)
  • Reiki: Usui Reiki Master & Teacher (1999)
  • Kripalu Dancekinetics®: Certified Instructor of Kripalu Dancekinetics. (2001)
  • Hatha Yoga studies in Ganeshpuri, India, at Kripalu, Starseed and elsewhere. (since 1986)
  • Siddha Yoga Meditation (since 1985).


  • Daily practice of meditation, journaling and Feminine centering
  • Ongoing personal healing work with a variety of mind-body and alternative healing systems since 1986 (way too many to name!)
  • Self-healing processes that I use include MAP (Medical Assistance Program), flower essences & essential oils, Sedona method, Reiki, EFT and Resonance Repatterning self-sessions.
  • Other influences: Family Constellations Therapy, Buddhism and Native American spirituality, A Course in Miracles, the Unity Church and the work of Sanaya Roman, Duane Packer and their guides.